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Repaying Your Mortgage Home Loans The Basics

By: Dan Lewis

With the raging hot real estate market of the last five years, mortgages have evolved wide spread options. The different home loans can be confusing, so lets look at the basic repayment options.

Repaying Your Mortgage Home Loans The Basics

Jumbo loans, variable rates, fixed, interest only the variety of mortgage home loans seems almost endless. One way to bring a little clarity to the situation is to look at the basic issue of how you have to repay the loan. Doing so can give you a better idea of what it is going to honestly cost you and whether you can realistically meet the obligation.

The traditional and most common mortgage repayment is one that combines capital and interest over time. The most basic of these loans has been the 30-year repayment mortgage with a fixed interest rate. You typically make a payment each month with part of the payment reducing the principal on the loan and the rest going to interest. At the outset of the loan, the amount applied to the principal debt is usually very small. It will grow over time as the years pass.

A variety of mortgage options have come into existence that focus on interest payments. Although they have a variety of names, the basic game is the exclusion of principal from the repayment process. When you make monthly payments, the total is applied only to the interest on the loan. Payments are never applied to the principal. The advantage of these loans is you can often qualify for a slightly larger loan, and your monthly payment is significantly reduced. Keep in mind, however, that this loan only works in the long run if the home appreciates significantly. If it doesnt, you arent going to create much wealth.

A fairly common, but risky proposition, is a balloon loan. A balloon loan combines the interest only option mentioned in the previous paragraph with a principal call. In practical terms, you are given a loan for a fixed period of five years for example. During the five-year period, you make interest only monthly payments. At the end of the five-year period, however, the loan is called and the full amount is due. The way to get around this call is to sell or refinance the home as the loan comes due. The potential problem, however, is the loan may not have appreciated. If it hasnt, you could be stuck with a bad deal or even lose the property.

At the end of the day, figuring out the modern mortgage home loans isnt that confusing. The key is simply to ascertain what you have to pay back, how it will be applied to the loan and for what period of years.

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