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Yield Curve Basics

More and more commentators in the press have been talking about the "yield curve" for the last year, but how much do you know about its significance? This is a good indicator to be aware of, so toda

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Option Trading Tips - Crash & Earn!

As the market is driven by the emotions of fear and greed we can always count on rising and falling markets.

History has shown that the market does have incredible run ups (i.e. the t

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Options: How A Million Dollar Options Trader Sets His Stops: Underhanded Tips and Tricks

When a options trader understand that it is important to set stops on all their positions, they often don`t know where to set them. As a options trader, how close should a stop be to price of the po

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Covered Calls - Increasing Your Portfolio Returns

Covered Calls

Options are most commonly used by investors for either leverage and / or insurance (hedging). As leverage, options allow the investor to control an equity position without p

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