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Charter Flight Options and Private Jets

So, youre planning a trip to historic Prague in the beautiful Czech Republic. Airlines will get you there with a stopover in London and perhaps a direct flight to the capital city itself. However, i

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Corporate Jets: Taking Flight!

Flying on a 40 million dollar corporate jet is an experience like none other. Being attended to by a skilled corporate flight attendant in the opulent splendor of your luxuriously appointed cabin is

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Private Jets: 4 Leaders in Fractional Flying

Fractional flying, you say. Is that division? Well, sort of. Fractional flying is where you, the customer, can own a "share" in a private jet. In most cases these shares allow you to own as much as

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Keep Some Money In Your Pocket And Visit Expedia For Airfare

Another Microsoft service is called Expedia. It is very well known and easy to rely on for finding the best airfare prices around. Expedia has a very large database that is filled with great informa

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