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Looking For Some Cash?

By: David Gass

For a small business owner, it is not easy to arrange funds and start a new project. You have to face the financial crunch. You cannot put all your personal money into business projects. So, you have to look at the financing options that can provide cash on a reasonable rate for the smooth working of the business activities.

Today, you are not confined to the traditional means of getting a loan. You can also opt for some creative financing options.

Innovative Financing Options

Sometimes, a situation arises where you cannot acquire conventional loans. In that condition, you can opt for some non-traditional financing methods like:

Participating Bond Transactions (PBTs): Such transactions dont involve an advance refunding. You can preserve a higher percentage of operating income, and take advantage of the lost-cost environment of a tax-exempt charity. You cannot only retain the ownership of all assets and operations, but you also will encounter reduced regulatory risks. It is very much suitable for joint ventures.

Off-Balance-sheet Options: In this the assets financed should be supplementary to the core business. Through operating leases, synthetic leases, and joint venture leases, one can own and use an asset that is actually owned be a third-party investor. In this way, neither asset nor liability gets recorded on the balance sheet.

REIT: Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) acquires a collection of real estate assets and leases the property to one or more operational organizations. In this way, it trims down the overall cost of an expansion plan.

Receivables Financing: If you are facing a really rigid liquidity situation, then this financing option is good for you. It demands the sale or undertaking of an organizations account receivables and the securing of financing against these receivables.

In a fast-growing economy, banks and non- traditional lenders have emerged in the market to provide loans to small business owners. The most famous of these are finance companies and loan offices. The loans offered by these companies are generally secured loans, demanding some asset as guarantee of repayment. In automotive financing, such loans are quite popular.

If you are looking for home loans or property loans, then mortgage companies are a good option for you. If you have your own property and you want to get loans for some other purpose, then these companies can also help you.

A number of funding options are available in the market. Before choosing your favorite, you should analyze and compare the pros and cons of every option. It will help you get a better deal if not the best. If you face any problem, you can consult a financial expert or you can search the websites of finance companies. Proficient advice can help you make the best decision.

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