About Power Options Trading

Power Options Trading is the training division of Winning Strategies P/L. The company was started by a professional Trader named Chris Winton.

Chances are you've never heard of Chris before. He is quiet, modest, and prefers to keep a low profile. Chris studied trading for about 5 years before he placed his first trade... reading every single book that he could get his hands on. Now Chris has been actively trading options full time for 10 years. And his bank account would show you that he is one heck of a trader...

You won't find Chris flaunting "slam, bam, thank you ma'am" seminars around the country. In fact, once Chris discovered how many training courses only gave people part of the equation to trade... he understood why so many traders lose money and then give up. He was furious. So, Chris became determined to apply his passion for trading to teaching others to trade wisely.

Unlike other options trading programs, this one will not leave you in the dark...Chris has an uncanny ability to make this complex leveraging tool incredibly easy to understand...and an uncanny ability to be so thorough, giving you every tool, every calculation to be a good trader.

The reviews Chris receives from his students are testimony to his amazing ability to explain even the most complex trades with outstanding clarity.

Another reason you won't be left in the dark with Chris is that by having his trading knowledge online with the exclusive Centurion Club, Chris and his small team of professional traders are available to members via email or phone... Chris's students will not be left alone. But it should be noted that membership is limited in the Centurion Club in order to maintain quality of support. As Chris's team of traders grows, invitations to join are announced.

By the way, the traders at Power Options Trading are full time, trained by Chris and have more than 15 years combined experience. They are equally passionate about ensuring traders are given the very best information and support.

The most important feature of Centurion Club is that it allows all members to watch over Chris's shoulder as he trades his own positions, to provide all the necessary tools for anyone to become a top Trader.

Power Options Trading services include:

  • Pre-Market Daily Reports including analysis of our existing positions and potential positions
  • Home-study training courses - for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Traders
  • Coaching and Consulting - for Intermediate and Advanced Traders
  • the occasional LIVE workshop may be introduced

The emphasis we want to impress upon traders with this training is the uncompromizing prerequisite to follow the rules, understand volatility, understand Risk and the extent of your Risk, calculate your Risk and to learn all the strategies so you can trade no matter what direction the market is going.

Hope to see you in the Centurion Club!

Enjoy ! Educate yourself to the maximum...and Good Trading!