To all of your analysts - Many thanks for the past 6 weeks of trading advice. I have gained almost 100% on my account due to your educated advice. I have recommended you to many friends even before this gain because of the way it educates - to gain from the PMDR is a bonus. Regards from a very satisfied member. S Church

I just double checked my account and it up 42% since March. Best Regards, S. Bowers

Best value for money course as compared to all the Ďotherí courses I have been to on the market today. Terry Tran

Despite having an MBA (Finance & International Business) I was never confident in options trading until attending this course. I wished you had come to Singapore many years earlier. Thank you! D. Leong

I am a futures trader in Hong Seng, Nikkei, ASX, S&P NS Dow Jones, in which I have made millions and also lost millions. This has added a new dimension to my trading which significantly reduces the risks that futuresí trading is fraught with. No matter how successful any trader already is, options trading will provide him/her with a whole new world of trading opportunities, with a great deal less risk. Optionsí trading is a lot less risky than straight shares or futures trading. S.Ho

Amazing use of leveraging that has absolutely blown away. B. Ryan

The Level 2 course opens up many more great trading opportunities Ė if youíre serious about making serious money you have to do this! J. Rishworth

We have three companies, a Real Estate Firm, Building Firm and a Home Loans Centre. They are all profitable and thanks to what you have taught us about trading options our main concentration is the options market. The income we have had the pleasure to earn for your teachings supersedes any of our other businesses. Your teaching style was easy to follow, exciting and fun. You definitely back up your promise to coach and answer any questions Iíve had of late. I definitely recommend your courses to any person wishing to increase their income. Thank you, so much for changing our lives. We do not physically work in our companies any more as we can afford to pay managers and have all the free time in the world. Thank you, truly COACH! Cheers M & J Le Serve

I canít imagine any serious trading in Options wanting to miss this course. I thoroughly recommend it! Y. Hamilton

I recently did the three day course. Up until this time I had no experience with option trading and very very limited computer skills, Through this course I have been able to not only expand my knowledge but make money!! Following this system and investing $10000, in the first 11 weeks I made a clear profit of $14699.01 !!! Although in some of my trades I made a loss the profits defiantly made up for it. M.Williamson

The covered calls are going very well and the trading is starting to pick up too. I have finally understood the principles or risk - reward and am only looking for trades where the risk to reward is 1-2 or 1-3 i.e. where say I risk 500 I expect to make either 1000 or 1500 in return. This limits the number of trades each month but it means I can be wrong 6 times out of 10 and still make 25% per month. S. Bowers

While watching your investment vaporise is painful, I can also tell you that the euphoria of making 400% on a trade in under 3 weeks is hard to beat ( I sold out early. If I hung on a bit longer, it could have been 500-600%, but one must remember not to be greedy.)Option trading is indeed fun. D Lee

I did other people's courses for covered calls, and options, and wish I had've done these courses instead, as you are a much better presenter with the context and much more explanatory. Things were clearer listening to you and I realise I have been trading reasonably blind the last 18 months. I look forward to listening and learning more from you in the future. Again, thank you so very much and I look forward to being a member forever. A Cosgroves

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This morning I sold out of my first trade and made 93% in four days, the second is still going at about 60% with no sell signals yet. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. R Chalmers

While watching your investment vaporise is painful, I can also tell you that the euphoria of making 400% on a trade in under 3 weeks is hard to beat ( I sold out early. If I hung on a bit longer, it could have been 500-600%, but one must remember not to be greedy.)Option trading is indeed fun. D Lee

Made our first trade yesterday. Invested $6000. Profit was $4500. Yes, you did say that I would pay for the software in the first trade. I have almost got back the entire cost of the course for both of us already. I've just got two words to say to you "Thank You". V Ferguson

Really, just about anyone can do this! I turned $15,000 into over $50,000 with no prior experience and after not graduating from high school! J.W. Hew

An eye opener with new strategies that can almost guarantee profits in all market situations. A must for anyone who is serious about financial independence. M. Ismail

The information and risk mitigation techniques are excellent and insightful. I had been misled by others before but can now feel comfortable in putting money into the market knowing that my exposure is limited and potential maximised. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone. J. Oon

This is life changing stuff, I am immensely grateful to Chris and his people for sharing their knowledge and services. K. McDonald

An excellent programme which is highly recommended for anybody interested in increasing their financial intelligence. L. Kok

This is by far the best trading course and system Iíve done. Iíve lost a lot of money in the markets in the past and this course has not only shown me where I went wrong, its given me the system Iíve been trying to work to get in early and get out quickly with maximum percentage profit and conservative exit strategies. Iím ready to start trading again! M. HOLE

Easy to comprehend and understand. An informative and fun trading seminar. His enthusiasm permeates through the way he teaches his course. A great course for seasonal pros and novices alike. Simple down to earth course and trading system that is easy to implement and follow. He is the ďAnthony RobbinsĒ of share trading. Do this course or donít even bother. Iíve been to many courses around the world and there is no better presenter that I have met. Probably the cream on the cake, his course is half the price of most of the so-called ďexpertsĒ around at the moment. Heís a WINNER! B. Sandor

YES! Having attended many investment courses and with previous experience in trading shares, I now feel very confident that I can generate an income to supplement my other income sources using options. R. Worthy

Of approximately 8 courses in total that I have done over 13 years, these courses are the only 2 leading to a hands on application of a profitable businesses. A. Franklin

In fact, I have been so active on options trading. I am starting with USD10K and use the margin provided by Optionsxpress. So far, I have netted about 16.2% from the first trading since 13 May 2003. I have learnt alot of new things and given what I see...it is possible to earn 12% every month on USD50,000/- giving a decent income of at least USD5K a month. Not bad for a decent life. I devote alot of time for this. I did make some mistakes and my portfolio still look good. Cheers... Miku

Let me tell you what I have done in last several months. I have started my covered call writing with optionsXpress since this April. I found it pretty easy to follow and the return is good, about 2 - 3%. I got 5.2% in august with the gain in stock value. Even I don't know too much about options, I only stick to writing covered calls and it makes me a reasonable profit; actually, more than reasonable. Best regards, Aldis

The simplest explanation of options trading strategies I have ever seen/heard. If you are interested in options, do this course. Jim Crabb