Q. What can Power Options Trading do for me?


Power Options Trading gives you the most powerful and profitable trading strategies utilizing leverage, 100% protection and making an income from your stocks... If used correctly they will maximize your profits and minimize your risk.


We don't flash alot of huge fancy percent gains... and give you "recommended" trades... we give you exactly what we are trading ourselves and what we are looking at trading ourselves based on "if the stock does this, then... ". In other words, we put our money where our mouth is.


The important part of our training is we emphasize safety in the market, following the rules - not semi-following the rules, and calculating direction possibilities to the enth degree so you know what the consequences can be.


We recognize that alot of people would like to stop working for others... and start working for themselves! Our entire team have been very fortunate to have been able to do this as a result of following the Power Options Trading strategies... and we all have a genuine desire to show others the right way to trade options and be on their way to financial independence like we are.


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Q. I am new to Options, and I want to understand more. What do you suggest?


While anyone can put on a trade, a full understanding of the Options Market is essential to making a profit.


Our Strategies on Power Options Trading do require some experience, although and we do have excellent courses to for all levels of traders, including those who have never entered the market.


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Q. I am a researcher with years of experience. Why would I use your services?


Our research and market appraisal takes hours each day by experienced researchers and traders. This information is then complied in an easy to read format, and in addition, we compile the trades we are looking at, and the trades we are currently in.


As a researcher you will appreciate more than anyone how much time and effort this will save you, so you can maximize your time confirming your stock and option picks, setting your trades and getting on with life!



Q. I have had stocks for years, and done quite well. How will your strategies help me?


Your in a great position to maximize your investments. Our strategies will amaze you because they will increase your profits, reduce your risks and lower the cost price of your shares.


In fact, I think you will be blown away that you haven't been using these strategies before.


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Q. I have traded options for years. I just seem to be going in circles. Why is your site different?


As you are probably aware, 90% of option contracts expire worthless. We take advantage of this statistic, and "Trade with the Trend" by being on the side of the contracts that are expiring, have written them in a safe an sustainable manner.


In fact one strategy alone has 3 outcomes when compared to owning a stock by itself, without using options.


First outcome: Option expires worthless - we keep stocks and option premium.

Second outcome: Option is exercised - we sell Stocks at a profit AND keep our option premium.

Third outcome: If the stock has dropped significantly in value, we have reduced our costs of purchase and have contingency plans in place to minimize losses.


This is much less time consuming and certainly a better outcome than you have experienced.



Q. What is the difference between writing a put, and selling a put? Don't I want to buy these?


Writing an option, call or put, is the same as selling an option contract.


Put Options

It means you have agreed in the case of a put to buy another parties shares at anytime between the time of writing the option contract and expiry of the contract at a predetermined price.


Call Options

In the case of a call option, you have agreed to sell another party your shares anytime between the time of writing the option contract and expiry of the contract at a predetermined price.


Exercising of an Option Early

It is unusual for the option to be exercised early because of the options extrinsic value, (time and opportunity), but it can happen.



Q. A friend of mine lost truck loads writing naked options. Are you suggesting this strategy?


We use cash covered puts regularly to make consistent profits. They are naked puts, but if we get exercised we simply buy the stock.

Some traders use naked puts as a highly leveraged trading strategy, we advise against this as the market will sometimes go against your thinking, doesn't matter who you are, and if you have more positions open than you can afford, you can be toast!



Q. If you are so good, why the disclaimer?


That's a great question. At Power Options Trading we give you the opportunity to watch over our shoulder at trades we are looking at. Our strategies are well thought out, and consistently perform well for us.


We have no control over which trades you choose, what rules you will choose to follow, or what flyers you make take.


We encourage you to listen carefully and follow our rules. Unfortunately, some people don't follow rules.


New traders love to think the graphs and signals will 100% go their way, and experienced traders know that the next day the market will always go Up, Down or Sideways.


We simply have Trading and Money management strategies to deal with market moves, and contingent plans in place.


Investing and Trading is all about your money. Don't be fooled, you are the best person for the job, and you must take personal responsibility for your decisions, only then will you become wealthy.


We hope these FAQ's have been of assistance to you.


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